Example of Custom Album

Posted: 2 January, 2010 in Uncategorized

An example for Custom Album 8×12 … reference for newbies in photography, future bride and groom and everyone out there!

  1. wannsscfs says:

    aahhhaaaaaaa……sempoi giler itu album…nanti aku pon nak ikut style cam tue gak takyah pening² kepala nak design…hehehehehehe…i like

  2. Azura Chan says:

    Happy New Year 2010.

  3. ikhwanmuda says:

    Nice:) Faiz, kalo photobook camne kira ek? biasa org buat berapa pages? ko email aku dia punye detail blh?

  4. ezaiedinRIN says:

    tetap memnarik walau ringkas..
    nice moment…

  5. tutcute says:

    1. hepi belated birthday 🙂
    2. it’s a beautiful custom album 😛
    3. happy new year 😀

  6. aie says:

    caya laa abang!

  7. baayah says:

    mmg menarik custom album ni…..
    mabeles!! 😉

  8. srsfeqah says:

    smart n simple..
    jom tgk n3 BUKIT BROGA 010110 😀

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